1968 - Imax Movie System was co-invented by three Canadians Grahame Ferguson, Roman Kroitor, and KRobert Kerr. Have you seen us in any of the many TV shows or movies we have appeared in?
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My first job at Old Dutch, as a five-year-old dressed in a Dutch costume (handmade by my mother), was to pass out bags of our potato chips to cheering people at local festival parades. Many years later, I am honoured to lead our company, still owned by our family, into its 70th year of providing the highest quality snack foods to our Canadian customers. At Old Dutch we’re constantly reimagining snacks, from our invention of the Sour Cream and Onion potato chip in the late sixties, to the newest trends in flavours for kettle chips, tortillas, extruded corn and other Old Dutch snacks available at your favourite retail establishment.

We continually strive to offer the best version of all our snacks by rigorous application of best manufacturing practices and by use of the highest quality ingredients. Whether you prefer a traditional RIP-L potato chip or a spicy new snack, we have something you’ll love to share with friends and family. From my Old Dutch family to yours, we invite you to share our excitement in our 70th year and enjoy an Old Dutch product at your next snacking occasion.


- President, Old Dutch Foods Ltd.

In 1954, while Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians continued to conquer the North American music scene, Old Dutch was opening its doors in Winnipeg Manitoba to conquer Canada!
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You’ve heard of birthweek…but are you ready for birthYEAR?! 🥳 It’s our 70th and we have an entire year of celebrations—and prizes— planned. 😌 Get ready for limited edition items, chips (of course), gift cards, and more! 🎁 #Celebrate70 with us 🎉
During the 1980s, Old Dutch focused on brand evolution, enhancing its identity with new packaging designs and marketing campaigns.
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